The Canton of Valais in Switzerland is one of the most impressive regions in the world, known for its extraordinary variety of natural landscapes. From the shores of lake Lehman to the vast glaciers, this is a land of contrasts, where nature is preserved in its original state.The roots of the brand are rooted in a secluded valley of Sion, the symbol of which are two hills. In accordance with the traditions of the French-speaking Swiss, la colline (translated from the French "hill") is a powerful and immutable symbol of peace and security. Thus, the name "La Colline" gradually emerged as a symbol of skin care products developed and manufactured in Switzerland near a small town in the Valais region, in the heart of this amazing nature...La Colline products are manufactured in accordance with quality standards applicable in Switzerland and the European Union. They meet the highest quality criteria, from the selection of ingredients to the quality control of final products.