MBR premium cosmetics are produced in a small company located in the picturesque resort of bad Slam, Germany. MBR cosmetics, which appeared in bad Slema, quickly gained popularity not only in Germany, but also all over the world. The aim of the study was to develop drugs with the maximum concentration of active substances with optimal skin tolerance, which would prevent the aging process. Research and development has led to the fact that the range was aimed mainly at solving skin problems. The decisive criteria during the development of MBR were the maximum efficiency of each product, the individual concentration of active components in products depending on its purpose, and the good portability of its skin. This makes it possible to use MBR products for daily skin care of the face and body, for the prevention and control of signs of skin aging, as well as as a preparatory stage before plastic surgery and after surgical treatment as an aesthetic medicine that reinforces the results. As a result, premium cosmetic products of the highest quality have been created that do not allow age to win, prolong youth, give radiance to the skin and exceed all the most daring expectations of customers.